Israeli brands - Israeli post office pushing the envelope
Israeli post office  pushing the envelope
The Israeli postal company was interested in opening several concept branches in major cities. The concept we suggested ...
Israeli brands - Kadima TV election ads
Kadima  TV election ads
Art direction for KADIMA's TV election ads. A formation of a new political party is a rare event. We took part in the creation of the brand's DNA by visually manifesting it in the TV ad series.
Israeli brands - Israeli Football Association   national league, international flair
Israeli Football Association   national league, international flair
Interested in repositioning itself as an enterprise more then a national institution, the Israeli Football Association chose to portray vision and innovation. Just like ...
Israeli brands - Gute
Gute is a restaurant chain specializes in fast and healthy Israeli food. Since there is no signature Israeli food per se, we chose to associate the food with the epitome of being Israeli. Named after the legendary character from the Israeli cult movie “Metzitzim”,
Israeli brands - Gusto gourmet to the people
Gusto  gourmet to the people
Italy is not just its flag colors, fat restaurant owners and mobsters...
Israeli brands - Margoza Bakery
Margoza  Bakery
By branding the bread itself we leave a trail of "brand crumbs", which helps you find your way back to your favourite bakery, you know, just in case you've lost your way.
Israeli brands - Villa Pitman Urban Estae
Villa Pitman  Urban Estae
In the heart of the first Hebrew city lays Villa Pitman one of the first urban estates to be built in Tel Aviv in the early 20th century.